About MacKenzie Wolf



MacKenzie Wolf is a full-service literary agency and legal consulting company, born of a shared passion for stories that are both urgent and timeless. We pride ourselves on providing multi-faceted and individualized service—including representation at the forefront of entertainment law—that encompasses all our clients’ creative and career goals.

Core to MacKenzie Wolf’s business is the recognition that offering our clients legal and strategic services in addition to traditional book representation is vital in the face of a changing publishing landscape. Our team is creative, nimble, and highly engaged; we don’t just sign up projects, we sign up creators, and we believe that good representation is integral to an enduring career.
Our agency division is headed by partner Gillian MacKenzie, who brings to the company her established list from the eponymous agency she ran successfully from 2005 to 2018. MacKenzie Wolf books run the gamut from international and New York Times bestsellers to critically praised indie darlings, from award-winning contemporary fiction to forward-thinking narrative nonfiction and memoir, from vibrant children’s favorites to stories by bold, category-defying voices. We also represent an array of lauded illustrators and animators, and a growing list of independent editors and ghost-writers. MacKenzie Wolf titles are united by authentic storytelling, compelling writing, fresh perspectives, and ideas that redefine how we see the world.
Our legal and financial consulting division, unique among literary agencies, puts us at the forefront of current issues in publishing. Kirsten Wolf, Esq., an attorney with over fifteen years’ experience in the publishing industry, including ten running her own agency Wolf Literary Services, runs the consulting division, working with a varied and ever-growing list of literary agencies, publishers, and independent artists. We have extensive experience with a full complement of publishing and publishing-adjacent agreements, including international book contracts, collaboration agreements, book-to-film options, and much more. 
From concept to execution, our agents work closely with clients across all aspects of their literary careers. Our detailed editorial approach, cross-disciplinary expertise, and extensive network of contacts mean we are especially situated to serve our clients’ many needs. We are their tireless champions in finding their perfect publishing match, in addition to providing attentive management of translation, audio, and film & TV rights; industry-leading contract negotiation; advice on the side project they just haven’t stopped thinking about; and assistance with all the administrative day-to-day of being a writer/creator. 

At MacKenzie Wolf we are our clients’ fiercest advocates and biggest fans.